East Side Slough

cedar strip kayak canoe

Sitting along Sherman avenue in Coeur d’Alene eating a ham and cheese sandwich I noticed I had bite on the line set near my kayak. The fish got off the hook but left me with a recommendation for a nice place to kayak. I thanked the man and left him with my card in case he decided to take my bait after all and buy one of my boats. I had a great time looking at some of the cars that reminded me of my fading youth but I had a boat to paddle and beautiful Cheryl to attend to, so off to East Side Slough.

Now I really do not know the name of this area but it is a slough on the eastern most end of lake ‘Coeur d’Alene. Launching near the boat ramp on hwy 97 along the south side of Wolf Lodge Bay we paddled due east into the current of Wolf Lodge Creek. Quickly passing under a low bridge we cleared the moving water and entered the still meandering paths of water in the slough.

We slowly explored the area, paddling through rushes and Lilly pads. We stopped to watch an eagle sit lazily in a tree before swooping out to catch a fish. The seemingly still waters flowed in wide arching paths that begged for exploration and promised a pathway into even more remote country. After an hour of searching for the inlet of the creek we gave up and headed to a nearby campground for a look around before heading out into the main lake to have a cold drink and a little lunch.

Cheryl and I discussed the wonderful beauty and grandeur of Idaho while I tried to suggest the values of living in Kauai Hawaii. In the end she agreed with me that Idaho is a wonderful place to live with lakes in every direction and only minutes away.

The day was a perfect example of lazy exploration in North Idaho leaving me wanting more.

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