Adirondack stripping continues.

The stripping process has been completed on the outside of the Adirondack Guide Boat.  I have removed over a dozen fiberglass and epoxy patches.  The layers of varnish are also removed along with quite a bit of wood filler.  

The structural integrity of the boat is nicely intact and the repairs made with the wood filler were mostly intended to be cosmetic or to stop minor leaks. 

The color of the wood indicated many years of service and exposure.  It also reveals an old and extensive repair to one side of the boat.  Whoever made the effort to repair this boat in the past replaced several planks and ribs. This work surely saved this boat and kept it in serviceable condition for our current refinishing process.  

I have begun stripping the interior hoping the process will remove all the old varnish.  The ribs will make the interior more time consuming but I am hopeful the results will be similar to the outside hull and that no major problems will come up.  I do not see any glass on the interior and that is very, very good since interiors of boats will pool epoxy. 

Wood working will follow stripping along with seating all the screws and clinch pins that are out of sorts after all the years.  

Stay tuned for pics coming up soon.


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