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cedar strip kayak, art work

cedar strip kayak, art work

FOR YOUR BEACH HOUSEcedar strip kayak

Consider the beauty of a fine canoe or kayak featured in you lake side cabin or placed gracefully between the exposed rafters of your beach front home.    An outdoor living area adorned with a small water craft would make your deck feel like a day on the water.  Heirloom Kayaks, Canoes and Stand Up Paddle boards are as beautiful and breathtaking to look at as they are to paddle.

cedar strip Kayak, cedar strip building, cedar artwork, kayak as art work

Select colors to suit your home decor.

Heirloom Kayak offers the finest quality finish on our fully functional sea kayaks, canoes and SUP’s.  Artist Robert Lantz completes his boats with tireless care to produce smooth clear finishes to highlight the beauty of the natural wood.

cedar strip kayak, art work

cedar strip kayak, art work


Many colors of wood can be used to compliment your home or suit your taste in colors and patterns.  Details can be added with wood inlays for names, logos or artwork.  The possibilities are limitless.

Please come back soon, This page is currently under construction.

cedar strip kayak, kayak artwork

cedar canoe, wood canoe, cedar kayak, wood kayak, wood canoe for sale

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