Muzzleloader Sea Kayak

The Muzzleloader sea kayak is an 18ft boat with a 22 inch beam.  Very fast and responds wonderfully to leaned turns.  This boat is made from cedar with a center Poplar feature.  The muzzleloader is painted on the glass with mother of pearl, covering the rear hatch.  The bottom of the boat has a stylish inlay of cedar and Poplar with more mother of pearl in vines over the inlay.

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This boat features

  • 18 ft long with 22 inch beam.
  • 55lbs
  • 1/4″ Strips with 6oz Glass
  • Glass smooth finishing with 5 coats of Epifans Varnish
  • Soft chin for clean entry and lower drag.
  • Front and Rear hatches for dry storage.
  • Molded minicell foam seat.
  • Adjustable foot pegs.
  • Bungee cord deck rigging.
  • $4375.00

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