Why’s your boat on top of the car?

By Kurt Canfield of kayaktrailerstore.com

Heirloom Kayaks is not a misnomer—they really are among the most
beautiful kayaks on the market today, and are truly heirloom pieces built to last generations. Robert Lantz, the owner of Heirloom, puts in an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and skill into building these wonderful kayaks.

To protect any heirloom, you have to take care when transporting it.  Kayaks, which get transported frequently, need even more attention. You want to make sure it arrives at your destination undamaged and ready to take on whatever body of water you’re going to be kayaking!

Many kayakers choose to buy a roof carrier and transport their kayaks on the top of their roofs. This works just fine if you have a kayak that’s made out of fiberglass. When you are driving 60 miles per hour on a highway, the headwind created is about 50 miles per hour, which is close to tropical storm strength winds! A fiberglass kayak is designed to bend and sway without breaking, and can handle those kinds of wind speeds.

However, if you plan to purchase an Heirloom kayak, I would strongly recommend that you purchase a Malone Kayak Trailer to protect your investment. Malone is the industry leader in kayak trailers for a reason—their trailers are sturdy, reliable, well-designed, and made in the U.S.A.  But most importantly, by having your Heirloom kayak safely attached to a Malone Kayak trailer, you ensure that the wind shear from driving on the highway will be completely mitigated.

The trailers have some other great features as well. One of the most convenient is that the trailer is designed to be submersible. That means you can back your trailer right into the water, detach the kayak, and be ready to go, all without having to worry about lifting your kayak and hurting your back!

Please feel free to check out our Malone kayak trailers at Kayaktrailerstore.com. If you have any questions about kayak trailers, please contact me at: Kurt@Kayaktrailerstore.com.