How far from perfection?

I am ready to begin the herringbone pattern along the keel of the Tuxedo sea kayak.  If this particular design works out I feel I will be producing some of the finest boats available today.  My intentions have been to build the finest watercraft anyone can expect to own.  I have read just about everything I can find, books, manuals, blogs, forums and websites.  I have purchased plans from multiple sources and built boats from various woods, epoxies and glass.  I have attempted at every step to learn how to build a beautiful work of art and functional quality water craft.  

I believe anybody can build a cedar strip boat.  Its just not that hard.  However, building a boat with cosmetic values suited to a display case or showroom has been my goal since I completed my first boat.   The detail and beauty I have been seeking requires time, patience and skill as well as knowledge of the art of boat building.  The Tuxedo has the Quality of Construction I have been striving for and even if the Herringbone does not work out this time I will continue to work hard to achieve my goals.  Building a boat second to none with my signature style.  Image