Sandpoint Wood Boat Show

The Sandpoint Wood Boat show is coming this Saturday in Sandpoint Idaho.   This is a great time to take a look at some incredible wood boats, from new runnabouts to restored classics.  Heirloom Paddle Sports will be there with 2 new cedar strip boats and a new design Stand Up Paddle board. will be sponsoring the booth that will house Heirloom for the event.  

come down for the display, food, fun and racing.  See Heirloom and say hello.


Coeur d’alene boat show

The Coeur d’alene boat show was a challenging day for me and my staff.  We prepared extensively for this show, producing an onsite building demonstration, finished kayak and canoe and several marketing items. 
During the show, I was able to set up a strongback complete with stations and strip the hull to the waterline.  We also presented our two newest boats, the companion canoe and the Tuxedo sea kayak.
We had a wonderful response from interested parties and really enjoyed the people we had a chance to speak with. 

However we were repeatedly shocked by rude, insulting passers by.  I was completely unprepared for these low intentioned people. Photographers inside my display area, rough handling of my boat and damage to my boat.  A stolen photo book and a lack of response from event planners.

I am fortunate to have met a great many wonderful people at this show and others so I know this is


not what we can expect in the future.  I will look forward to my next show but I will limit my involvement at this show in the future.
The wood boat shows offered in the area are wonderful opportunities to display our fine works of art to other artists, builders, owners and the public. We enjoy sharing our work, taking part in events and meeting people who stop by to chat. We will not be deterred by those rude few but we will prepare accordingly.

Deck fittings


This is a picture of the deck of my boat with tape holding the two halves together in preparation for bonding. The deck line fitting is hard to see. It appears only as a hole in the deck. This hole leads into a watertight carbon fiber tube big enough to run a 3/8″ rope through. Amazingly strong and the only thing on the deck is the perimeter line and bungee cord.

SUP’s are coming . . . . .

The “ladies” at the wood boat show loved my boats and the response from the crowd was huge and rewarding after all the long hours in the shop building this kayak and canoe for the show.  I also had many questions and requests for specialized SUP’s.Image

I am looking forward to designing and building a couple of high performance boards this winter.  The SUP field is very diverse and confused at this time resulting in a great many boards of varying performance.  I feel this leads to very specific requirements to fit a board to the buyer’s wishes and expectations.

I have new plans for high performance, fast and stable SUP’s that can be individually modified to provide exactly what the customer wants from their board. Just cannot wait to start building the prototypes.  Stay tuned for pics of the new builds.