Inlaying the Tuxedo’s deck

The inlay of the deck has been going very well, stripping without staples and continuing to hand bevel the strips.  The colors of the cedar compliment each other well, having enough contrast to clearly reveal the pattern while showing off the beauty of dark chocolate old growth cedar and a more typical western red.  The bass wood is a clear white and will show well under the glass with a slight golden color after varnishing.



The stripping is time consuming as usual but is one of my favorite aspects of wood strip construction. Primarily because this is when I am actually forming the shape of the boat and watching the graceful lines of the kayak develop. Careful fitting of each strip requires patience that pays off in the long run as each step that follows will be easier if care is taken were it is needed.  

Heirloom Kayak on display at Jaremko Nissan

You are invited to visit Jaremko Nissan in Spokane Valley Washington to view Heirloom Kayaks 16 foot sea kayak Pelican.

cedar strip kayak canoe wood building

cedar strip kayak on display at Jaremko Nissan

I was recently asked if I would like to show one of my kayaks on top of one of Jaremko Nissan’s 2012 Xterra trucks in their showroom.  Of course I chose to accept the offer and my Pelican 16 ft sea kayak is now sitting atop an Xterra in the showroom looking ready for adventure.