Tuxedo moves into outfitting

I have completed the glassing of the inside of the Tuxedo sea kayak and I am moving into a new stage of the construction.  I will begin outfitting the boat with bulkheads, seat, hatches and deck fittings.   I have several new features I want to add to this boat and I am very excited about the results I expect to see.

I will be adding  hidden  deck fittings that allow the perimeter line and the bungee tie-downs to travel through the inside of the hull through water-PROOF tunnels, hiding all knots, limiting the amount of rope on the deck and keeping all deck materials flush to the deck.  

I will also be adding magnetic hatch seals to the front and rear storage areas.  These super strong magnets will provide a 100% watertight seal for expedition paddling. I will be using a small loop sealed in the above fitting to allow the owner to remove the hatch without breaking a fingernail or fumbling with your gloves in cold temps.

The deck will be dressed for full expedition use, including toggles, perimeter lines and storage webbing.  

I am currently at 25 lbs on this build and should finish out right around 30 lbs depending on the wight of outfitting materials I use.  I believe this boat is a little on the low side of the weight scale for a boat this size.  I would typically build this boat at about 35-38 lbs to maintain stability during rough weather but I am looking forward to being able to pick this boat up with one hand or asking my daughter to load it for me.  

Much of the above outfitting needs to be done before I can bond the deck and hull. Soon I will do the bonding and begin the final preparation of the outside of the boat for varnish and a display quality finish.