Paddling Twin Lakes in Pelican and Muzzleloader

Lovely Cheryl and I spend a wonderful morning on Twin Lakes in north Idaho.  Twin is a beautiful lake with 3 distinct habitat types.  The lower lake is deep and clear with steep rocky slopes lining the shore, a great swimming location and ideal setting for summer cabins.  The middle of the lake is accessed through a narrow bridge underpass just wide enough to keep a car from plunging into the water.  The shallow lilly filled center portion of the lake is a quiet, calm cove filled with great bass fishing.  The upper lake turns 90 degrees into the mountains drawing the wind through the valley over the shallow waters, raising small waves and rough conditions for such a small lake.  

Each section offers great paddling depending on your interests.  We Paddled through the lilies of the middle lake heading into the deep sheltered waters of lower Twin. The boats paddled fast and smooth along the shore as we looked for a dream home among the lake shore properties.  The lake has many homes used year around but many of them are family cabins and summer homes, unoccupied but nicely maintained. A serene location begging for bbq’s, family gatherings and of course paddling adventures.